What is a ..duo?

A ..duo is a simple keyword that uses your name, brand, slogan or any other word combination as a shortcut to content on the web.

A ..duo is easily recognized by text between two pairs of dots. Check out more examples below!
In fact check out all of the examples on our site. Every ..duo you see is live.

...duo for Business Cards

Take your name back.

Search "Robert Lowe" on ..duo.

1. go to dotdotduo.com
2. enter robert lowe

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...duo for Magazines & Newspapers

Engage your reader's in a digital way.

Search "Guess What's Cooking" on ..duo.

1. go to dotdotduo.com
2. enter guess what's cooking

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...duo for the spoken word

A ..duo can even be an audio cue.

Search "Crosby 87" on ..duo.

1. go to dotdotduo.com
2. enter crosby 87

Search by voice on speech enabled devices!

Own it.

Because you don't want anyone else to. Claim your name, your business name, your slogan, your brand.

Simplify it.

Convert your long, unmemorable web address into a meaningful, branded link.

Fuse it.

The simple way to promote your online stuff... offline.